CCNA1 ITN Module 6 - Data Link Layer

Date Subject Lesson Plan
11/11/21 CCNA1

Subnet Practice Class B #6

Start Module 6 - Data Link Layer
Video: OSI Model: The Data Link Layer (5:25)

Link: Module 6 Reading Organizer

Read: 6.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 6.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Moule 6, Section 1 - Purpose of the Data Link Layer

Read: 6.1.1 The Data Link Layer

Read: 6.1.2 IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Data Link Sublayers

Read: 6.1.3 Providing Access to Media

Read: 6.1.4 Data Link Layer Standards

Activity: 6.1.5 Check Your Understanding - Purpose of the Data Link Layer

Assignment: Module 6 Reading Organizer 1-6


Read: Power Fluctuation Types

Read: Power Protection Devices

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Power Fluctuation Terms

Read: CPU Architectures
Video: Professor Messer: CPU Features (10:01)

Read: Enhancing CPU Operation

Read: Multicore Processors

Read: CPU Cooling Mechanisms
Video: Professor Messer: CPU Cooling (6:48)

Activity: CPU Architectures and Operation

11/12/21 CCNA1

Review: Subnet Practice Class B #7

Start Module 6, Section 2 - Topologies

Read: 6.2.1 Physical and Logical Topologies

Read: 6.2.2 WAN Topologies
Video: WAN Topologies (5:46)

  • Point-to-Point (P2P)
  • Hub and Spoke
  • Full Mesh
  • **Partial Mesh
  • **Point to Multipoint

Read: 6.2.3 Point-to-Point WAN Topology

Read: 6.2.4 LAN Topologies
Video: LAN Topology (6:23)

  • Star
  • Extended Star
  • Bus
  • Ring

Assignment: Sketch LAN topologies on one side of paper, WAN topologies on the other side and label. (10 points)

Read: 6.2.5 Half and Full Duplex Communication

Read: 6.2.6 Access Control Methods
Video: Professor Messer: CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA (2:36)


Read: 6.2.7 Contention-Based Access - CSMA/CD

Read: 6.2.8 Contention-Based Access - CSMA/CA

Actvity: Check Your Understanding - Topologies

Assignment: Module 6 Reading Organizer questions 7-20


Activity: What Do You Already Know? - RAID
Assignment: RAID Cheat Sheet take notes.

  • Striping
  • Mirroring
  • Parity
  • Double Parity

Read: RAID Concepts
Video: Professor Messer: RAID Concepts (7:20)

Read: RAID Levels
Video: What is RAID (9:56)

Activity: Check Your Understanding – RAID Levels

11/15/21 CCNA1

Assignment: Subnet Practice Class B #8 (5 points)

Start Module 6, Section 3 - Data Link Frame

Read: 6.3.1 The Frame
Video: The Ethernet Frame Format (0:51)

Read: 6.3.2 Frame Fields
Link: Fields of a Frame pdf

Read: 6.3.3 Layer 2 Addresses

Read: 6.3.4 LAN and WAN Frames

Activity: 6.3.5 Check Your Understanding - Data Link Frame

Assignment: Module 6 Reading Organizer questions 21-27 (end)


Link: Computer Hardware Chart

Link: USB Ports

Link: Understanding the Different Types of USB Cables & Ports

Read: Legacy Ports

Read: Video and Graphic Ports
Video: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, Thunderbolt - Video Port Comparison (7:35)

Read: USB Cables and Connectors

Read: SATA Cables and Connectors

Read: Twisted Pair Cables and Connectors

Read: Coax Cables and Connectors

Read: SCSI and IDE Cables and Connectors
Video: Professor Messer: SCSI Drive Cables (6:30)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Identify the External Connectors

11/16/21 CCNA1

Activity: Custom Subnet Mask Practice

Review: Subnet Practice Class B #7
Activity: Subnet Practice Class B #8

Read: 6.4.1 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 6.4.2 Module Quiz - Data Link Layer

Video: Jason Johnson: Module 6 Review (14:56)


Read: Monitor Characteristics

Read: Monitor Terms
Video: Monitor/Screen/Display Specs Explained ft. Display Resolution, Aspect Ratio (7:40)

Read: Display Standards

Read: Using Multiple Monitors
Video: Triple Monitor Setup Guide (6:43)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Monitor Terminology

11/17/21 CCNA1

Test: Module 6 (Delay test to 11/18/21)

Start Module 7 - Ethernet Switching