CCNA1 R&S Chapter 11

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/06/22 CCNA1

I introduced you to a great method of subnetting. If you didn't take notes or practice then you missed the opportunity to learn how easy it is to subnet. Subnetting is an essential skill for networking. No one can force anyone to learn - there has to be a desire to learn.

If you missed my "magic number" method to subnet, you might want to learn another method. Watch online videos as many times as you need to learn it. Practice, practice, practice. The particular method used isn't important, but the correct answers are important.

Link: Module 11 PowerPoint

Link: Module 11 Reading Organizer

Start Module 11 - IPv4 Addressing

Read: 11.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 11.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module? (Revisit at the end of the module)

Start Module 11, Section 1 - IPv4 Structure

Read: 11.1.1 Network and Host Portions

Read; 11.1.2 The Subnet Mask

Read: 11.1.3 The Prefix Length

Read: 11.1.4 Determining the Network: Logical AND

Demonstration Video: 11.1.5 Network, Host and Broadcast Addresses (6:22)

Read: 11.1.6 Network, Host, and Broadcast Addresses

Activity: 11.1.7 ANDing to Determine the Network Address

Activity: 11.1.8 Check Your Understanding - IPv4 Address Structure

Assignment: Study Guide Module 11 1-16


Video Explanation: Security Devices

Read: Firewalls
Video: Techquickie: Firewalls as Fast As Possible (4:41)

Read: IDS and IPS
Video: Keith Barker: IDS vs. IPS (6:56)

Read: UTMs
Video: Professor Messer: Web Security Gateways and UTMs (2:33)

Read: Endpoint Management Server
Video: Professor Messer: Endpoint Protection (9:48)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Security Devices

01/07/22 CCNA1

Start Module 11, Section 2 - Unicast, Broadcast, and Multicast

Video: Professor Messer: Understanding Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast (5:11)

Read: 11.2.1 Unicast

Read: 11.2.2 Broadcast

Read: 11.2.3 Multicast
Video: Keith Barker: Multicast? (8:26)

Activity: 11.2.4 Unicast, Broadcast, or Multicast

Start Module 11, Section 3 - Types of IPv4 Addresses

Video: IP Addresses Explained (12:50)

Read: 11.3.1 Public and Private IPv4 Addresses (Memorize private IP ranges!!)

Video: NAT Explained (4:25)

Read: 11.3.2 Routing to the Internet (NAT)

Activity: 11.3.3 Activity - Pass or Block IPv4 Addresses

Assignment: Study Guide Module 17-33


Read: Legacy and Embedded Systems

Read: Patch Panel
Video: How to Punch Down a Network Ethernet Patch Panel (7:20)
Video: How To Punch Down Cat5/E/Cat6 Keystone Jack (5:47)

Read: Power over Ethernet and Ethernet over Power

Read: Cloud-based Network Controller

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Other Network Devices

Video Explanation: Network Cable Tools (2:58)

Read: Network Tools and Descriptions

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Network Tools

01/10/22 CCNA1

Read: 11.3.4 Special Use IPv4 Addresses

Read: 11.3.5 Legacy Classful Addressing

Read: 11.3.6 Assignment of IP Addresses

Activity: 11.3.7 Public or Private IPv4 Address

Activity: 11.3.8 Check Your Understanding - Types of IPv4 Addresses

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 34-45


Read: Cable Types

Read: Coaxial Cables

Read: Twisted-Pair Cables

Read: Twisted-Pair Category Ratings

Activity: Twisted-Pair Wire Schemes

Activity: Cable Pinouts

  BPA Computer Network Technology
01/11/22 CCNA1

Slides/topics to study for Kahoot: 3.5.1; OSI Protocols; OSI layer of a hub, repeater, bridge, cables, switch, router, etc., well-known port numbers, layers of protocols (15 minutes)

Activity: Kahoot Quiz - Devices/layer, protocols/layer, port numbers. 40 pts.

Start Module 11, Section 4 - Network Segmentation

Read: 11.4.1 Broadcast Domains and Segmentation

Read: 11.4.2 Problems with Large Broadcast Domains

Read: 11.4.3 Reasons for Segmenting Networks

Activity: 11.4.4 Check Your Understanding - Network Segmentation

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 46-57


None today

  BPA Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
01/12/22 CCNA1

Start Module 11, Section 5 - Subnet an IPv4 Network

Read: 11.5.1 Subnet on an Octet Boundary

Read: 11.5.2 Subnet within an Octet Boundary

Demonstration Video: 11.5.3 The Subnet Mask (8:09)

Demonstration Video: 11.5.4 Subnet with the Magic Number (14:49)

PT: 11.5.5 Subnet an IPv4 Network (Takes balance of classtime)

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 58-62


None today

  BPA Server Administration Using Microsoft (Aiden & Sam)
01/13/22 CCNA1

Start Module 11, Section 6 - Subnet a Slash 16 and a Slash 8 Prefix

Read: 11.6.1 Create Subnets with a Slash 16 prefix

Read: 11.6.2 Create 100 Subnets with a Slash 16 prefix

Read: 11.6.3 Create 1000 Subnets with a Slash 8 prefix

Demonstration Video: 11.6.4 Subnet Across Multiple Octets (5:21)

Activity: 11.6.5 Calculate the Subnet Mask

Lab: 11.6.6 Calculate IPv4 Subnets

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 63-68


Video Demonstration: Build and Test a Network Cable (6:54)

Lab: Build and Test a Network Cable - Don't do
Video: How To Make RJ45 Network Patch Cables - Cat 5E and Cat 6 (12:08)

Link: Picture of unsatisfactory crimps

The 3 biggest issues with RJ-45 Termination:

  • Wire jacket not pinched by plastic rib
  • Wires in wrong order
  • Wires not pushed far enough into connector before crimping

Read: Fiber-Optic Cables

Read: Types of Fiber Media

Read: Fiber-Optic Connectors

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Fiber Cables and Connectors

Read: Summary

  BPA Network Administration Using Cisco
01/14/22 CCNA1

Start Module 11, Section 7 - Subnet to Meet Requirements

Read: 11.7.1 Subnet Private versus Public IPv4 Address Space

Read: 11.7.2 Minimize Unused Host IPv4 Addresses and Maximize Subnets

Read: 11.7.3 Example: Efficient IPv4 Subnetting

Activity: 11.7.4 Determine the Number of Bits to Borrow

PT: 11.7.5 Subnetting Scenario

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 69-74



Video: Jason Johnson: ITEv7 Chapter 5 Review (28:27)

Activity: Chapter 5 Terms and Concepts Practice

Activity: Chapter 5 Quiz (10 points)

Study/Review: Chapter 5 Test

  BPA Computer Security
01/19/22 CCNA1

Mid-Term Exam - WebXam - Networking


Mid-Term Exam - WebXam - Computer Hardware

  BPA Linux Operating System Fundamentals

BPA Judged Events

    None today

Python Programming & Information Technology Concepts

01/24/22 CCNA1

Start Module 11, Section 8 - VLSM

Activity: Subnet Practice: Need 8 subnets, 96 hosts in largest subnet.

Introduction Video: 11.8.1 VLSM Basics (2:32)

Example Video: 11.8.2 VLSM Example

Read: 11.8.3 IPv4 Address Conservation

Read: 11.8.4 VLSM

Read: 11.8.5 VLSM Topology Address Assignment

Activity: 11.8.6 VLSM Practice

Activity: VLSM #15 and Class C VLSM Chart

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 75-80

  A+ Study for Chapter 5 Test tomorrow
01/25/22 CCNA1

VLSM Practice #16

Start Module 11, Section 9 - Structured Design

Read: 11.9.1 IPv4 Network Address Planning

Read: 11.9.2 Device Address Assignment

PT: 11.9.3 VLSM Design and Implementation Practice

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 81-83 (end)


Test: Chapter 5 (9:15)

01/26/22 CCNA1

VLSM Practice #19

Start Module 11, Section 10 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 11.10.1 Design and Implement a VLSM Addressing Scheme

Lab: 11.10.2 Design and Implement a VLSM Addressing Scheme (Start)

Read: 11.10.3 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 11.10.4 Module Quiz - IPv4 Addressing

Study for Module 11 Test


None today

01/27/22 CCNA1 Snow Day

None today

01/28/22 CCNA1

Lab: 11.10.2 Design and Implement a VLSM Addressing Scheme (Finish)

BPA Awards Ceremony


Activity: Check Your Understanding - Network Addressing

PT: Add Computers to an Existing Network

01/31/22 CCNA1

Review: Module 11 Test

Test: Module 11 (8:15)


Start Chapter 6 - Applied Networking

Read: Introduction

Video Explanation: MAC Addressing

Video Explanation: IPv4 Addressing

Video Explanation: IPv6 Addressing

Read: Two Network Addresses

Read: Displaying the Addresses

Read: IPv4 Address Format

Read: IPv6 Address Formats

Read: Static Addressing

Read: Dynamic Addressing

Read: Link-local IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

02/01/22 CCNA1

Start Module 12


Lab: Design and Build a Small Business Network
Rubric for Design and Build a Small Business Network 94 points

Video: YouTube: Student video password reset 1941 & 2960

If you need a subnet refresher, this is a quick lesson:
Video Quiz: Cisco Corp: enter code: zalanwa