CCNA2 SRWE Module 6 - EtherChannel

Date Subject Lesson Plan
10/14/21 CCNA2

CCNA2v7 Module 6 Reading Organizer

Module 6 Tour
Start Module 6 - EtherChannel

Read: 6.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 6.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 6, Section 1 - EtherChannel Operation
CBTNugg: 200-101 #24 EtherChannel - Bundling Gobs of Bandwidth (33:16)

Read: 6.1.1 Link Aggregation

Read: 6.1.2 EtherChannel

Read: 6.1.3 Advantages of EtherChannel

Read: 6.1.4 Implementation Restrictions

Read: 6.1.5 AutoNegotiation Protocols

Read: 6.1.6 PAgP Operation

Read: 6.1.7 PAgP Mode Settings Example

Read: 6.1.8 LACP Operation

Read: 6.1.9 LACP Mode Settings Example

Activity: 6.1.10 Check Your Understanding - EtherChannel Operation

Assignment: Module 6 Study Guide 1-17

  A+ Software

Read: System Requirements

Read: Installation Methods

Read: Installing an Application

Read: Compatibility Mode

Read: Uninstalling or Changing a Program

Lab: Install Third-Party Software (Read lab only)

10/15/21 CCNA2

Link: BPA Contest Listing

Choose 4 BPA contests

  A+ Software

Read: Security Considerations

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Application Installation and Configuration

Read: PowerShell

Read: The Command Shell

Read: Basic Commands

Embedded Video: Video Demonstration - Managing CLI Sessions

Lab: Work in the Windows Command Shell

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Basic Command Line Commands

10/18/21 CCNA2

Start Module 6, Section 2 - Configure EtherChannel

Video: CertBros: EtherChannel Explained | Concept & Configuration (11:16)

Read: 6.2.1 Configure Guidelines

Read: 6.2.2 LACP Configuration Example

Activity: 6.2.3 Syntax Checker - Configure EtherChannel

PT: 6.2.4 Configure EtherChannel

Assignment: Module 6 Study Guide 18-21

  A+ Software

Read: Command Syntax Conventions

Read: File System Navigation

Read: File System Navigation - Commands

Embedded Video: Video Demonstration - Working with Files and Folders

Read: Manipulating Folders - Commands

Read: Manipulating Files - Commands

Lab: File System Commands

Lab: University of North Carolina MSDOS Primer (On your own - no points)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - File System CLI Commands

10/19/21 CCNA2

Start Module 6, Section 3 - Verify and Troubleshoot EtherChannel

Read: 6.3.1 Verify EtherChannel

Read: 6.3.2 Common Issues with EtherChannel Configurations

Read: 6.3.3 Troubleshoot EtherChannel Example

PT: 6.3.4 Troubleshoot EtherChannel

Assignment: Module 6 Study Guide 22-28 (finish)

  A+ Software

Read: Disk Operations - Commands

Lab: Lab - Disk CLI Commands

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Disk Operations Commands

  IC3 IC3 Level 3
10/20/21 CCNA2

Start Module 6, Section 4 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 6.4.1 Implement EtherChannel

Lab: 6.4.2 Implement EtherChannel

Read: 6.4.3 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 6.4.4 Module Quiz - Etherchannel

  A+ Software

Read: System CLI Commands

Lab: Task and System CLI Commands

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Task and System Commands

  IC3 IC3 Level 3
10/21/21 CCNA2

Study: Modules 5-6

Study for test Module 6

  A+ Software

Activity: Other Useful Commands

Read: Running System Utilities

Lab: Other Useful Commands

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Other Useful CLI Commands

Read: Domain and Workgroup

Read: Homegroup

Embedded Video: Connecting to a Workgroup or Domain

Read: Network Shares and Mapping Drives

Read: Administrative Shares

Read: Sharing Local Resources

Read: Printer Sharing vs. Network Printer Mapping

Embedded Video: Sharing Files and Folders on a Local Network

Lab: Share Resources

  IC3 IC3 Level 3
10/22/21 CCNA2

Review: Module 6 PowerPoint

Test: Module 6

Go To: Module 7 - DHCPv4

  A+ Software