CCNA2 SRWE Module 11 - Switch Security Configuration

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/3/22 CCNA2

Start Module 11 - Switch Security Configuration

CCNA2v7 Module 11 Reading Organizer

Start Module 11 - Switch Security Configuration

Read: 11.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 11.0.2 What will I learn in this module?

Start Module 11, Section 1 - Implement Port Security

Read: 11.1.1 Secure Unused Ports

Read: 11.0.2 Mitigate MAC Address Table Attacks

Read: 11.1.3 Enable Port Security

Read: 11.1.4 Limit and Learn MAC Addresses

Read: 11.1.5 Port Security Aging

Read: 11.1.6 Port Security Violation Modes

Read: 11.1.7 Ports in error-disabled State

Read: 11.1.8 Verify Port Security

Syntax Checker: 11.1.9 Implement Port Security

PT: 11.1.10 Implement Port Security

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 1-19


Read: What is a Security Policy

Read: Security Policy Category

Read: Securing Devices and Data

Read: Physical Security

Read: Types of Secure Locks

Read: Mantraps

Read: Securing Computers and Network Hardware

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Locking Mechanisms


Start Module 11, Section 2 - Mitigate VLAN Attacks

Read: 11.2.1 VLAN Attacks Review

Read: 11.2.2 Steps to Mitigate VLAN Hopping Attacks
Video: Professor Messer: VLAN Hopping (4:56)

Syntax Checker: 11.2.3 Mitigate VLAN Hopping Attacks

Start Module 11, Section 3 - Mitigate DHCP Attacks
Video: Kevin Wallace: DHCP Attacks (19:20)

Read: 11.3.1 DHCP Attack Review

Read: 11.3.2 DHCP Snooping
Video: Jeremy's IT Lab: DHCP Snooping (28:23)

Read: 11.3.3 Steps to Implement DHCP Snooping

Read: 11.3.4 DHCP Snooping Configuration Example

Syntax Checker: 11.3.5 Mitigate DHCP Attacks

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 20-26


Read: Data - Your Greatest Asset

Read: Data Backups

Read: File and Folder Permissions

Read: File and Folder Encryption

Read: Windows BitLocker and BitLocker To Go

Video Demonstration: Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go

Lab: Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go
* Use your Windows 10 virtual machine
* Must use software vs. TPM because virtual

Read: Data Wiping Magnetic Media

Read: Data Wiping Other Media

Read: Hard Drive Recycling and Destruction

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Data Protection

01/05/22 CCNA2

Start Module 11, Section 4 - Mitigate ARP Attacks

Read: 11.4.1 Dynamic ARP Inspection

Read: 11.4.2 DAI Implementation Guidelines

Read: 11.4.3 DAI Configuration Example

Syntax Checker: 11.4.4 Mitigate ARP Attacks

Start Module 11, Section 5 - Mitigate STP Attacks

Read: 11.5.1 PortFast and BPDU Guard
Video: Rick Graziani: BPDU Guard (5:43)

Read: 11.5.2 Configure PortFast
Video: Keith Barker: PortFast (34:11)

Read: 11.5.3 Configure BPDU Guard

Syntax Checker: 11.5.4 Mitigate STP Attacks

Assignment: Module 11 Study Guide 27-37 (end)


Read: Securing a Computer

Read: Securing BIOS

Read: Securing Windows Login

Read: Local Password Management

Read: Usernames and Passwords

Activity: Check your Understanding - Secure a Workstation

01/06/22 CCNA2

Start Module 11, Section 6 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 11.6.1 Switch Security Configuration

Lab: 11.6.2 Switch Security Configuration

Read: 11.6.3 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 11.6.4 Module Quiz - Switch Security Configuration


Read: The Windows Local Security Policy

Read: Account Policies Security Settings

Read: Local Policies Security Settings

Read: Exporting the Local Security Policy

Lab: Configure Windows Local Security Policy

Activity: Check Your Understanding- Local Security Policy

01/07/22 CCNA2

Review: Module 11

Test: Module 11


Read: Maintaining Accounts

Read: Managing Users Account Tools and User Account Tasks

Read: Local Users and Groups Manager

Read: Managing Groups

Read: Active Directory Users and Computers

Lab: Configure Users and Groups in Windows

Activity: Check Your Understanding - User Account Tools and User Account Tasks