CCNA3 ENSA Module 10 - Network Management

Date Subject Lesson Plan
05/06/22 CCNA3v7

LearnKey: 200-301 Domain 2 - Network Access
Video: CDP
Video: LLDP

Read: 10.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 10.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Read: 10.1.1 CDP Overview

Read: 10.1.2 Configure and Verify CDP

Read: 10.1.3 Discover Devices by Using CDP

Syntax Checker: 10.1.4 Configure and Verify CDP

PT: 10.1.5 Use CDP to Map a Network (45 minutes)

Start Module 10, Section 2 - Device Discovery with LLDP

Read: 10.2.1 LLDP Overview

Read: 10.2.2 Configure and Verify LLDP

Read: 10.2.3 Discover Devices by Using LLDP

Syntax Checker: 10.2.4 Configure and Verify LLDP

Activity: 10.2.5 Compare CDP and LLDP

PT: 10.2.6 Use LLDP to Map a Network (30 minutes)

  220-1002 Take your certification test at home
05/09/22 CCNA3v7

Start Module 10, Sectio 3 - NTP

LearnKey: 200-301 Domain 4 - IP Services
Video: NTP

Video: Professor Messer: An Overview of NTP (3:42)

Read: 10.3.1 Time and Calendar Services

Read: 10.3.2 Configure and Verify NTP

PT: 10.3.4 Configure and Verify NTP

Start Module 10, Section 4 - SNMP

LearnKey: 200-301 Domain 4 - IP Services
Video: SNMP

Video: Professor Messer: An Overview of SNMP (6:40)

Read: 10.4.1 Introduction to SNMP

Read: 10.4.2 SNMP Operation

Read: 10.4.3 SNMP Agent Traps

Read: 10.4.4 SNMP Versions

Activity: 10.4.5 Check Your Understanding - SNMP Versions

  220-1002 If you have not taken your certification test by this date, take the written final in class and forfeit the certification test option.
05/10/22 CCNA3v7

CBTNugg: 200-101 #25 SNMP, Syslog, and Netflow (40:00)

Read 10.4.6 Community Strings

Read: 10.4.7 MIB Object ID

Read: 10.4.8 SNMP Polling Scenario

Read: 10.4.9 SNMP Object Navigator

Lab: 10.4.10 Research Network Monitoring Software

Start Module 10, Section 5 - Syslog

LearnKey: 200-301 Domain 4 - IP Services
Video: Syslog

Read: 10.5.1 Introduction to Syslog

Read: 10.5.2 Syslog Operation

Read: 10.5.3 Syslog Message Format

Read: 10.5.4 Syslog Facilities

Read: 10.5.5 Configure Syslog Timestamp

Activity: 10.5.6 Check Your Understanding - Syslog Operation

Start Module 10, Section 6 - Router and Switch File Maintenance

Read: 10.6.1 Router File Systems

Read: 10.6.2 Switch File Systems

Read: 10.6.3 Use a Text File to Back Up a Configuration

Read: 10.6.4 Use a Text File to Restore a Configuration

Read: 10.6.5 Use TFTP to Back Up and Restore a Configuration

Read: 10.6.6 USB Ports on a Cisco Router

Read: 10.6.7 Use USB to Back Up and Restore a Configuration

Read: 10.6.8 Password Recovery Procedures

Read: 10.6.9 Password Recovery Example

PT: 10.6.10 Back Up Configuration Files

Lab: 10.6.11 Use Tera Term to Manage Router Configuration Files

05/11/22 CCNA3v7

Lab: 10.6.12 Use TFTP, Flash, and USB to Manage Configuration Files

Lab: 10.6.13 Research Password Recovery Procedures

Start Module 10, Section 7 - IOS Image Management

Video: 10.7.1 Managing Cisco IOS Images (6:49)

Read: 10.7.2 TFTP Servers as a Backup Location

Read: 10.7.3 Backup IOS Image to TFTP Server Example

Read: 10.7.4 Copy an IOS Image to a Device Example

Read: 10.7.5 The boot system Command

PT: 10.7.6 Use a TFTP Server to Upgrade a Cisco IOS Image

Start Module 10, Section 8 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 10.8.1 Configure CDP, LLDP, and NTP

Lab: 10.8.2 Configure CDP, LLDP, and NTP

Read: 10.8.3 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 10.8.4 Network Management

05/09/22 CCNA3v7

Start Module 11 - Network Design