CCNA1 R&S Module 5

Date Subject Lesson Plan
11/08/21 CCNA1

Start Module 5 - Number Systems

Link: Module 5 Reading Organizer

Read: 5.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 5.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?
Video: CBTNugg: 100-101 #21 Speaking Binary (32:09)

Start Chapter 5, Section 1 - Binary and IPv4 Addresses

Embedded Video: Converting Between Binary and Decimal Numbering Systems (8:21)

Read: 5.1.3 Binary Positional Notation

Activity: 5.1.4 Check Your Understanding - Binary Number System

Read: 5.1.5 Convert Binary to Decimal

Activity: 5.1.6 Binary to Decimal Conversions

Read: 5.1.7 Decimal to Binary Conversion

Read: 5.1.8 Decimal to Binary Conversion Example

Activity: 5.1.9 Decimal to Binary Conversions

Activity: 5.1.10 Binary Game

Read: 5.1.11 IPv4 Addresses

Assignment: Module 5 Reading Organizer questions 1-7


None today

11/09/21 CCNA1

Review: Module 4 Test

Start Module 5, Section 2 - Hexidecimal Number System

Read: 5.2.1 Hexadecimal and IPv6 Addresses

Video: 5.2.2 Converting Between Hexadecimal and Decimal Numbering Systems

Read: 5.2.3 Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversions

Read: 5.2.4 Hexadecimal to Decimal Conversion

Activity: 5.2.5 Check Your Understanding - Hexadecimal Number System

Assignment: Module 5 Reading Organizer questions 8-17


Lab: Install Third-Party Software in Windows (Skip this lab)
Video: Techquickie: What's the Difference Between AC and DC? (5:25)

Read: Wattage and Voltage
Video: Professor Messer: Computer Power (12:30)

Read: Power Supply Voltage Setting

11/10/21 CCNA1

Activity: Subnet Practice Problem Class B #5

Activity: Hexidecimal Practice Worksheet

Start Module 5, Section 3 - Module Practice and Quiz

Read: 5.3.1 What did I learn in this module

Activity: 5.3.2 Module Quiz - Number Systems

Study: Module 5 Test


Video: Ohm's Law Explained Simply (6:27)
Video: Ohm’s Law Tutorial with easy practice problems (15:50)
Lab: Ohm’s Law

11/11/21 CCNA1

Review Video: Jason Johnson: CCNA1, Module 5 (13:31)

Test: Module 5

Start Module 6